CV 2023 Johnny Herre

Johnny Herre

Education etc.

  • Jur. kand., i.e. Master of Laws (Stockholms University) 1988
  • Civ. ek., i.e. Master of Science in Economics and Business (Stockholm School of Economics) 1988
  • Jur.dr, i.e. PhD in Law (Stockholm School of Economics) 1996
  • Jur.dr honoris causa Copenhagen University 2021
  • Jur.dr honoris causa Oslo University 2022


  • Acting Professor in law at the Stockholm School of Economics 1999.01.01-1999.06.30
  • Professor in Law at the Stockholm School of Economics 1999.07.01 – 2010.03.14
  • Supreme Court Justice, the Supreme Court of Sweden (Högsta domstolen) 2010.03.15-2023.04.16
  • Part time Professor (20%) Stockholm University (Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law) 2023.07.01 –
  • Part time Professor (20%) Oslo University (Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law) 2023.07.01 –


  • Member of the CISG Advisory Council
  • Chair of the Disciplinary Board of InsureSec (a self-regulating institute for insurance intermediaries)
  • Chair of Scientific board of the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law since 2021
  • Chair of the board of Stiftelsen för tillgängliggörande av juridisk litteratur – insamlingsstiftelse (
  • A considerable amount of publications in the commercial law field
  • Opponent and/or member of the grading committee in a considerable amount of PhD dissertations in the Nordic Countries and in the Netherlands
  • Expert (Sw: Sakkunnig) in a considerable number of evaluations of applicants for academic positions
  • Extensive experience as legal secretary in arbitral proceedings (1991-1999) and as arbitrator and chairman of arbitral tribunals in Swedish and international arbitral proceedings (SCC-, ICC-, UNCITRAL and Danish Institute of Arbitration-rules as well as ad hoc)
  • Extensive experience as advisor and expert in legal disputes and other legal matters to law firms until 2010
  • Extensive experience as teacher and lecturer at Swedish and foreign universities and at other institutes providing courses to students and practitioners
  • Member of the Study Group on a European Civil Code 2000–2009
  • Chairperson of the Swedish ICC Group on Commercial Law and Practice and member of the international CLP Commission 2007–2020
  • Member of the working group responsible for Incoterms 2010

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